Ministry of Defence

For many years we have supplied the UK’s Ministry of Defence with unique adhesives manufactured to the highest level. Producing a range of specialist adhesives for this market sector puts us on the map as a market leader – we have the expertise and technical know-how to create bespoke specialist adhesives in both bulk and small quantities.

Innovation solutions, expertly created

Not only did the number of products we supply to the Ministry of Defence increase when we acquired Crispin Adhesives in 2003, it also broadened our application spectrum. We are proud to supply adhesives for some highly critical MOD components.

Some of the long-standing defence standard formulas developed by Crispin’s highly experienced chemists are still in demand today. This is very much the case for ammunition and aircraft applications. It’s a sector that requires products to be sourced from raw materials which are certificated to meet the necessary Def Stans® (Defence Standards) criteria.

A commitment to excellence

We support the Ministry of Defence by committing to maintain state of the art laboratory equipment to the highest standard. We also regularly train our chemists on the intricate Def Stans® test work to which we must conform. Our designated MOD mixing vessels require high intensity maintenance and are regularly serviced to make sure they operate to their maximum efficiency levels.

Thanks to our expertise and experience, we are frequently approached to look at new Def Stans® specified adhesives. This consolidates our proven track record of making and supplying adhesives to historic formulas – it also gives all our customers the confidence that we can do this, every time, to the highest level, no matter what the quantity.

Count on us for precision and consistency

Expanding our product range for the many markets we serve is already under way.
What’s more, our approach is unique. We develop and bring to market specialist adhesives fit for purpose – irrespective of quantity.

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