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We are proud to manufacture specialist spray adhesive for foam furniture and protective foam packaging.


Revolutionising Bonding with Adhesive for Foam – Spray Adhesive for Foam Insulation

In our business, experience counts for a great deal. When it comes to spray adhesive for foam insulation, experience speaks words. For decades, we have supplied high quality solvent based SBR (styrene-butadiene rubber) adhesives to Foam Furniture, Foam Packaging, and Insulation industries. Perhaps it’s our reputation for versatility or our excellent products – whatever the reason, we continue to supply traditional formulas to long-standing customers. Never ones to stand still, we’ve adapted these over the years to suit their changing needs.


At Anglo, we take pride in our expertise in manufacturing specialised spray adhesive tailored for furniture, protective foam packaging and spray adhesive for Insulation industries. Our innovative spray adhesive redefines the way foam is bonded, ensuring enhanced durability and precision in every application. Whether it’s about crafting comfortable furniture or securing valuable items, our spray adhesive brings the assurance of excellence to your goods.

Evolving our range of specialist products

Spray Adhesive for Foam Insulation and Beyond

Acquiring Crispin Adhesives in 2003 naturally expanded our customer base in these markets, including the spray adhesive for insulation industry. It also gave us access to specialist formulations developed by experienced chemists with a wealth of expertise in these sectors.

Choose from our comprehensive range of products, including both flammable and non-flammable adhesive spray systems. We also offer high heat resistant products popular in the Insulation market for thermal and Acoustic Insulating materials. Our adhesive for foam are suitable for foam converters bonding foam and fabric materials to themselves or painted metal, wood, fibre glass, hessian felt and upholstery padding and many more substrates.

Supplying Spray Adhesive for furniture

Our core range of SBR Spray adhesive for foam are ideal for the furniture and mattress manufacturing industries. You’ll have a choice of both permanent and temporary bonds for different foams, including bonding polyurethane to both porous and non-porous substrates.

Spray adhesive for foam is an innovative solution that transforms the way foam-based projects are put together.

Bespoke solutions are our forte

Customers often approach us with a request to bond very difficult substrates. It’s our job (and highly satisfying) to offer a bonding solution. If we can’t achieve this with an ‘off the shelf product’, then our experienced chemists will get to work on developing a bespoke product – one that’s formulated for your specific application. There are no minimum quantities, either, which adds to our reputation as a very flexible supplier.

Need something a little different?

We aren’t restricted to simply manufacturing adhesives for foam furniture. You’ll find us enthusiastic about supplying systems for our sprayable adhesives including spray adhesive for foam. You can relax, knowing that we will confidently come up with a system to suit your needs. You can also be sure of benefitting from up to date, expert guidance.

No sticking point

Having worked hard to earn our reputation for excellent products and professional service, we’re always ready to listen. As a result, we guarantee hands on technical support and free advice to every customer.

Spray adhesive for foam opens up an assortment of creative and practical project possibilities. Adhesive for foam’s ability to quickly and efficiently provide a strong, even bond makes it an indispensable tool for foam-related applications.

Embrace tailored adhesive solutions that are precisely suited to your requirements. Contact us now to unlock the power of bespoke solutions for spray adhesive for foam.

We understand that each project is unique, which is why we offer a range of specialised spray adhesives including spray adhesive for foam insulation, designed to meet the diverse demands of foam bonding. Whatever the nature of your project, our friendly team is ready to help. Call us on + 44 (0)1664 480866 or contact us here.

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