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The Effective Solution: Best Adhesive for PVC Pipe and Plumbing.

Since the early 1990s, we’ve supplied our unique, Lucite colour matched Acrylic Bath Repair Kits to reputable plumbing and pipe welding and became the best adhesive for PVC pipes and plumbing merchants worldwide.

To make repairs easier, we worked hard to develop our fastest curing kit yet and we’ve done it! In 2017, we launched our 1 hour kit – that’s all you need to repair damages in a bath, from start to finish. We know speed of repair is important for our customers. People need to be able to use their baths again with minimal ‘out of use time’. Anglo’s best plumbing glue delivers exceptional performance in a variety of plumbing applications.

With a legacy of innovation, our best adhesive for PVC pipes and plumbing reinforces our commitment to industry-leading solutions. Our kits are engineered to provide not only efficient repairs but also long-lasting results. When it comes to plumbing repairs, speed, durability, and expertise are what we deliver.

A fast, convenient solution for plumbers

Improve Plumbing Efficiency with the Best Adhesive for PVC Pipe

We designed the Acrylic Bath Repair Kit especially for busy plumbers and tradesmen. Not only is it fast curing, it’s also easy to use. You needed a cost-effective solution to repairing chips and scratches in baths and shower trays. We developed one. As a result, you can use it on splits, cracks and holes. What’s more, it will even work on those that have penetrated the surface. These damages can be on a horizontal or vertical angle. Click here for our recommendation on how to repair damage on a vertical angle.

Step into a modern era of plumbing solutions, where efficiency and ease intersect with exceptional quality. Allow us to show off the best adhesive for PVC pipe and the best plumbing glue for – a revolutionary advancement poised to simplify plumbing and pipe welding tasks. Whether you’re fixing a leak or building a new PVC pipe system, investing in the best plumbing glue can help you complete your plumbing jobs successfully and reliably.

Suitable for a range of surfaces

The Best Adhesive for PVC Pipe: Versatile Solutions

Our kits are made of a special Lucite pigmented colour adhesive and activator formula. This was developed specifically for producing strong, permanent invisible repairs on acrylic surfaces. It will also repair fibreglass, stone resin, enamel, porcelain and ceramic surfaces. The kit is reusable for up to 12 damages that are the size of a flat 5 pence piece.

Discover a new level of plumbing innovation with the best adhesive for PVC pipe. We are committed to revolutionising plumbing solutions through the best plumbing glue at Anglo Adhesive. Our adhesive prowess has earned us a trusted name in the industry, whether it’s for plumbing repairs or pipe welding.

All-inclusive plumbing kit

Comprehensive Plumbing Repair Solution: The Best Adhesive for PVC Pipe and Best Plumbing Glue

Each plumber’s kit comes with easy to follow, step by step instructions and all the tools needed, including a high-grade finishing polish, to carry out a successful repair. What’s more, we offer a trade counter pack which will include 10 repair kits. For quicker application, you can refer to our How to Use the Acrylic Bath Repair Kit instructional YouTube videos.

In addition to our repair kit for best adhesive for PVC pipe, we now supply a Bathroom Polish and Bathroom Brightener. These two products work hand in hand to create a showroom finish to any bathroom. Use the Bathroom Polish to remove any fine scratches or haziness on the acrylic bath or showertray, perfectly finished off with the Bathroom Brightener to rejuvenate the bathroom to an amazing gloss finish. Our best plumbing glue creates bonds that can withstand time, pressure, and environmental conditions, giving you peace of mind.

To complement our range of Bathroom products it felt only natural to us to have a range of Silicone Sealants one of the best adhesive for pvc pipe to suit all Bathroom applications in a variety of colours.

Check out our best plumbing glue and Pipe Welding Cement Adhesive which is also popular with plumbers because like our kit, it is fast setting on PVC and ABS pipes, available in small containers and sold in small quantities – purchased directly from us.

It is our mission to continue to be the market leader by expanding our UK wholesale customer base and worldwide bath manufacturers, providing repair solutions, cleaners and polishers tailored to suit their individual needs.

Experience the ultimate in plumbing excellence with Anglo Adhesive’s best plumbing glue. Our adhesive solutions including our best adhesive for PVC pipe redefine reliability, ensuring your repairs are stronger and more durable than ever before. Choosing the best plumbing glue is key to ensuring long-lasting and reliable bonding.

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