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Improve Your Creative Projects With Quality Inks, PVA Glue And Acrylic Paint From Anglo Adhesive

Crafting and artistic expression are creative journeys in which ordinary materials are transformed into remarkable outcomes. The process is directed by the hands of makers, and it is enhanced by the collaboration of important components such as high-quality inks, PVA glue and acrylic paint. Anglo Adhesive, as your devoted Craft Paints, adhesive and ink distributors, fuels your creative pursuits, guaranteeing that your artistic vision takes vibrant form.

Washable PVA Adhesive

This PVA is a good quality, economically priced adhesive, perfect for all kinds of art and craft applications and for creating waterproof paints when combined with ready mixed paint or powder colour. Anglo Adhesive believes in supporting creative exploration. Our PVA glue and acrylic paint are more than just materials; they are engines for creativity and self-expression.

Multi-purpose PVA

This quality PVA is suitable for use with fabrics, paper, board and collage work due to its excellent holding power. Dries to a clear finish.

2006 PVA

Marvellous PVA that really sticks! It is an extra strong, extra thick PVA and will bond fabric, paper and card, polystyrene and lightweight wood. It can also be used for glazing over surfaces, if lightly diluted, because it dries to a clear finish. This product is neutral (pH7). Try mixing it with powder pigments for coloured glues. Pour some into a flexible shallow plastic mould and allow to set to create 3D sculptures.

Immerse yourself in the realm of possibilities at Anglo Adhesive with our exquisite collection of drawing inks, PVA glue, and acrylic paint. As your trusted ink distributors and providers of PVA glue and acrylic paint.

Clear PVA

This PVA is high quality and perfect for all kinds of arts and crafts where the arts products are translucent as the finish of this product will be invisible. Also perfect for making clear slime. Your journey begins with better PVA glue and acrylic paint, which will inspire your imagination and fire your passion. With Anglo Adhesive as your Ink distributors as well as PVA glue and acrylic paint manufacturer, your creative aspirations are our priority.

White glue sticks

These glue sticks have been specially manufactured for the education market, offering quality and economy. The adhesive will stick all grades of paper and lightweight card. Store in a cool place. High temperatures will cause the glue sticks to soften. Available individually or in classroom packs of 12 sticks and economy packs of 144 or 576 sticks.

Purple glue sticks

Our purple glue sticks have the same great formulation as the white glue sticks… but in purple! The glue goes on purple, so it’s easy to see where you’ve put it, but quickly dries clear. Perfect for children who are getting to grips with glue. Safe and non-toxic. Will stick all paper and lightweight card.

Studio gum

This product is ideal for studio work and mounting projects. A little goes a long way so its economical to use. The original rubber solution adhesive, used extensively for commercial studio paste-up work, and mounting photographs. Also used for bonding paper and light card to a variety of surfaces.

Latex adhesive

This product is strong and versatile. Water soluble before setting. For use on fabrics, card, expanded polystyrene etc. Solvent free and safe to use.

Tack strip

This tack is an easily mouldable and reusable form of adhesive putty that will need bleed or dry out. This product has good tacking properties with the benefit of being white to prevent any colour showing through lightweight papers. Also available in blue.

Hi tack

This Hi tack spray adhesive will work on a broad range of substrates including porous materials so it is ideal for classroom use. This adhesive does not allow for repositioning and is permanent.

Re tack

This re tack spray adhesive will work on most materials and works particularly well on thin paper without causing wrinkle and bleed. As the name suggests, with this spray mount work can be moved and repositioned after initial laydown, ideal for graphic work and mounting photos, artwork and displays.

Glitter glues

These glitter glues are ideal for creative decorative work. The easy squeeze bottles can be used to write text and add fine details. They will work on most surfaces. Glitter glues are an excellent medium for all types of craft decoration. It can add another dimension to cards, posters and pictures and is especially suitable for products with a Christmas theme. Available in silver, red, green, gold, blue and crystal.

Wood glue

High strength PVA glue for bonding wood, timber etc. For interior use and protected external applications.

Fabric paints

All colours are intermixable which means infinite shades are obtainable. Finished work is easily fixed by ironing on a very hot setting for one to two minutes. Colour may be thinned and brushes cleaned with water. Available in black, white, red, blue, green and yellow. Also available in metallic and fluorescent shades.

Silk paints

Quality silk paints at sensible prices. A beautiful selection of heat fixable silk paints, perfect for any creative fabric decoration. Wash all fabrics prior to decorating with silk paint. Excellent quality paints. Anglo Adhesive not only provides PVA glue and acrylic paint but also a delightful selection of silk paints.

Acrylic paints

One of the thickest acrylics on the market. This paint is highly recommended by teachers and artists, coming top in blind testing compared to other market leaders so we’re mightily proud of our creative colours.

Acrylic paint has a thick consistency particularly suited to impasto and traditional techniques; its viscosity allows it to retain brush strokes and palette knife marks. You can water down the paints, add frost effects with Matt Gel or make it even thicker with some modelling paste.

Drawing ink

These inks are good quality, excellent value and ideal for any busy department. They are perfect for illustrations and multicolour design. The inks are fully intermixable which means virtually any colour shade can be achieved. Available in yellow, sepia, indian black, blue, green, red, orange, crimson, emerald, lemon, violet and white.

At Anglo Adhesive, we take pride in being your trusted ink distributors, providing a variety of Drawing Inks that stand as a testament to precision, value, and versatility.

Luminous paint

A special acrylic paint that will adhere to most surfaces such as woods, plastics, glass and paper. This safe to use ‘glow in the dark’ paints provide a superb luminous finish. Perfect for highlighting areas of paintings or clocks and models. Mix with fabric medium to use on fabric.

Marbling inks

Great quality marbling inks in various bottle sizes with integral dropper nozzles. For best results use on water which has been prepared with marbling ground. This helps to reduce the dispersion of the marbling inks so they spread less freely, giving you more control over the results. Marbling inks will transfer onto paper, wood, fabrics, candles and even eggs making them a great craft colourant. Seal with aerosol adhesive. Colours are available in red, blue, green, yellow, purple, orange, brown and black. Also available in pearlescent, fluorescent and metallic shades.

Ceramic paints

Apply these water based paints to pre-glazed earthenware. Strong, vibrant colours with a transparent finish. Ideally these paints should be used purely for decorative work, but they can withstand a little gentle head washing in lukewarm water. Colours may alter during the drying process.

Giant water pastels

Giant water-soluble oil pastels are a truly unique concept allowing students to work using aquarelle techniques but with an oil-based pastel. The colours are strong and opaque and can be easily blended with brush and water. There are various ways to use the pastels, including ‘wet on dry’ or ‘dry on wet’ techniques. This allows you to create images either using the dry pastels and applying water to select areas or using a dry pastel on wet paper and blending colours together using a brush. The perfect pastel for a solvent free environment. Assorted colours.

Fabric crayons

Pack of 12 chunky wax-based fabric crayons that can be used directly on most fabrics. Heat fix with an iron on low heat. Wash by hand in cool water. Colours: yellow, white, red, pink, light and dark blue, light and dark green, brown, black, gold and silver.

Plastic crayons

A range of 24 colours, hexagonally shaped so they will not roll off a desk. Easily sharpened and smooth to apply to all types of surface including paper, cardboard etc. These crayons are harder than a wax crayon, shatter resistant and long lasting.

White spirit

Add a few drops to dilute oil paints and temporarily change the way they work by making them more fluid and transparent. White spirit will evaporate evenly and totally as the oil paint dries. Also use to clean up brushes, palettes and tools.


An excellent quality soft eraser.


Aerosol fixative for use with charcoal, pastels, pencils and crayons. Ozone friendly. Low odour. When spraying fixative always prop work up rather than lying it flat. Spray from a distance of 25-30cm for even coverage.

Fabric medium

This fabric medium will turn any quality acrylic paint into a paint suitable for fabric. Mix as a 1:1 ratio and colours can be used for screen printing or fabric painting. Works best on natural fabrics and can be fixed, once dry, by ironing on the reverse of the design.

Screen wash

Used for removing inks from screen meshes. Can also be mixed 50:50 with water to remove grease and ink from mesh before applying stencil. Apply with cloth, allow to penetrate, wipe down, then rinse with clean water.

Photo stencil emulsion

Suitable to use on all types of screen printing mesh. This two part mix of emulsion and sensitiser is easy to prepare and is great for those learning about industrial processes and materials. Designs can be easily created by hand onto acetate sheets with permanent black markers or created on the computer and printed onto photocopier acetate. All instructions are supplied. Please note: there is only a tiny amount of sensitiser in each bottle. Fill the small sensitiser bottle half with tepid water, replace the lid, and shake. Then mix with the emulsion. Emulsion has to be exposed to UV light, so use in conjunction with a portable exposure unit. Works well with any of our water-based inks, to print with spirit-based inks.

Washable marker pens

A set of colouring pens that will draw both thick and thin lines on paper and board. The colours are washable which means they can be cleaned from clothes, furniture and most washable surfaces. They also feature ventilated cap and water-based inks which makes them safe for use in any classroom. Assorted colours.

Foam sticky pads

A range of high quality double sided foam pads suitable for use around the house and school. The pads are made from tear resistant foam with a strong adhesive coating on both sides for easy use.

Explore the Spectrum: PVA Glue and Acrylic Paint Precision

Are you ready to take your artistic experience to the next level? Unleash your imagination with Anglo Adhesive’s finest assortment of Drawing inks, PVA glue and acrylic paint. We encourage you to discover the many possibilities that await you as your trusted Ink distributors as well as PVA glue and acrylic paint. Discover the precision of PVA glue and acrylic paint vibrancy. Create your visions into reality, from fine details to bold masterpieces.

NOTE: All products including our PVA glue and acrylic paint can be supplied in additional container sizes to what is stated and prices are negotiable on reasonable volumes.

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