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Elevate Packaging Solutions with Flexible Packaging Adhesives

Thanks to the skill and expertise of our chemists, we formulated the popular ClearPaq range of solvent weld adhesives for packaging & bag sealing. These consist of market-leading solvent adhesives developed for bonding clear packaging materials. Their suitability is based on solvent systems and drying times. Rather than a traditional structural bond, they act as fast curing welding adhesives. As a result, they bond within minutes on thin materials such as PVC, Polystyrene, and PETG where a clear thin bond line is needed.Delivering a new kind of packaging quality – our Adhesive or best glue for packaging. This precision-crafted flexible packaging adhesives ensures that your packages are tightly sealed, giving maximum protection and reliability for your goods.

Trust Anglo Adhesive for flexible packaging adhesives, the best packaging glue, and extraordinary expertise. With confidence, elevate your packaging activities and stay ahead of the curve in the ever-changing world of packaging solutions.

Developing with the market

Evolving with the Market: Leading in Flexible Packaging Adhesives

Over the years ‘gift packaging’ styles have changed and improved. You will now see many new products sold in clear packaging. For example,  those Easter Eggs which you can now buy in lovely colourful clear packaging, happily stuck together with our glue!

Like other industries, clear packaging has had its environmental and recycling issues. Times change, and new recyclable materials such as APET and PET are widely used in the clear packaging industry. We too have adapted as this market has evolved. As a result, we have the best glue for packaging or the perfect bonding solution for these exciting new materials. For up to date advice on modern bonding, give our technical experts a call on + 44 (0)1664 480866.

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Explore the Potential Benefits of Flexible Packaging Adhesives

Are you familiar with our permanently tacky Pressure Sensitive Adhesives? Very popular on tapes and labels, you can also use our products for sealing Polythene bags or reinforcing handles for carrier bags. This is a market that we have supplied for many years. What’s more, we’re committed to researching and developing solutions to match innovations. Discover the potential of flexible packaging adhesives and experience packaging like never before. With the best glue for packaging and the assurance of our expertise, Your packaging efforts are on the right track.

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Navigating the Future with Flexible Packaging Adhesives

Rest assured, we are here to stay in this ever-evolving market of clear plastic packaging & bag sealing. We are in touch with what’s new: it will always be part of our research and development strategy. As a result, you’ll always be able to source the adhesives and technical bonding solutions to stick both new and traditional plastic materials.

What’s more, we’ve built a reputation for our excellent products and professional service, guaranteeing hands on technical support and free advice to every customer. Elevate your packaging solutions with the confidence that they are in capable hands. Our experience with flexible packaging adhesives guarantees that your products are sealed precisely and carefully.

Trust in the consistency and strength of our flexible packaging adhesives to uphold the quality of your packaged goods.

Experience the difference of our flexible packaging adhesives and the best glue for packaging. Whatever the nature of your project, our friendly team is ready to help. Call us on + 44 (0)1664 480866 or contact us here.

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