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Anglo Adhesive is an industry specialist in which understanding of polychloroprene contact adhesive potential has redesigned bonding possibilities, providing remarkable strength and reliability. Polychloroprene contact adhesive, often known to as neoprene adhesive, boasts an array of benefits that make it the choice for bond textile. Its low viscosity and sprayable nature, coupled with its compatibility with foam and fabrics, make it indispensable in industries like Bedding, Furniture, and Foam Converting. This adhesive excels in creating bonds that endure the test of time.

From Foam Furniture and Protective Foam Packaging to Wood Bonding and School Craft applications, Bond Textile and even extending to Flexible Packaging and the Ministry of Defence, the versatility of this adhesive is a attests to its reliability. Combining its adaptability with the capability to create enduring bonds between diverse materials, including bond textile.

Anglosol 6181

Low viscosity general purpose sprayable adhesive for bonding foam and bond textile or fabrics in the Bedding, Furniture and Foam converting Industries. It also has instant tack when used with Anglo activator, offering immediate bonding and handling capabilities without forced drying.

Anglo 6189

General purpose sprayable adhesive used to bond foam and bond textile or fabrics in the Bedding, Furniture and Foam Converting Industries.

Anglo Adhesive is your reliable adhesive partner. Our mastery of the potential of water-borne polychloroprene contact adhesive has opened the way for an entirely new way of thinking in. With each bond we form, we redefine dependability and bring in the next phase of excellence.

NOTE: All products including polychloroprene contact adhesive can be supplied in additional container sizes to what is stated and prices are negotiable on reasonable volumes.

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