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Anglo Rubber Based Adhesive: Discovering Excellence in Adhesive Production

Anglo Adhesive’s journey in rubber contact adhesive production has been marked by continuous evolution. Their dedication to research, development, and staying ahead of industry trends has led to the creation of adhesive solutions including rubber based adhesive that meet and exceed the demands of a wide range of applications.

As an industry leader, Anglo Adhesive has earned the trust of businesses across various sectors. Their commitment to quality assurance, performance, and customer satisfaction has established their status as a trustworthy partner in the rubber contact adhesive production industry.

Howstik 125/1

A high tack, low strength natural rubber contact adhesive for the temporary bonding of leather, fabric, textiles, fibrous materials, rubber and foam.

Anglo Adhesive serves as a connection between industries and innovation in the adhesive production industry. Our Rubber Based Adhesive shows our dedication to providing cutting-edge solutions that redefine industry standards.

Cleaner PS100 or 920

Howstik 230NF

A general-purpose rubber contact adhesive used widely in the Insulation Industry. It has been especially developed so as not to attack expanded polystyrene and gives strong bonds to aluminium foil, reinforced foil, polystyrene and steel lintels. Anglo Adhesive leads a team of modernization in the field of adhesive production. represents their purpose to create connections that strengthen industries, improve materials, and establish a more insulated future.

Cleaner PS100 or 920

Solibond 454PS (min batch size 100 Ltrs MTO)

Ministry of Defence specification for Kraft paper lining adhesive. Also used for bonding foam linings, felt, glass fibre, timber, brick, polystyrene and metal.

Cleaner PS100 or 920

Related Markets

Studio Gum (4153)

A general-purpose rubber solution or rubber contact adhesive used extensively in the Arts & Crafts market to bond paper. Our Rubber Based Adhesive is a multipurpose product that has a place in the arts and crafts industry.

Cleaner PS100 or 920

Solibond 4161

A general-purpose rubber solution for the Arts & Craft market as a high-quality adhesive for bonding art papers. It is used as an inner tube repair solution and also utilised in the Leather Goods and Shoe Industries. With its wide range of applications, you can rely on our rubber based adhesive to provide reliable results and successfully address your bonding demands.

Cleaner PS100 or 920

Howstik 4375

A high tack, low strength natural rubber contact adhesive. Suitable for non-staining applications and where a temporary bond is required prior to mechanical fixing techniques.

Our Rubber Based Adhesive ensures a precise and clean bond without interfering with the appearance of your materials.

Cleaner PS100 or 920

PhotoGlue (4397)

A general-purpose colourless solvent based adhesive. Used for in the Arts & Craft market to mount photographs, cards and many other craft materials. Can also be used as a lower viscosity Studio Gum product that dries clear.

Cleaner PS100 or 920

Anglo Adhesive: Your Trusted Source for Rubber Based Adhesive

NOTE: All products can be supplied in additional container sizes to what is stated and prices are negotiable on reasonable volumes.

At Anglo Adhesive, we take pride in offering a diverse range of adhesive solutions including Rubber Based Adhesive that cater to various industries. Our Rubber Based Adhesive stands as a testament to our commitment to quality and innovation. Experience the difference that a trusted adhesive solution can make. Contact us today to learn more about our Rubber Based Adhesive and how it can enhance your projects.

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