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Our background in adhesives for footwear, leather and fancy goods

Supplying adhesives for footwear is where it all began for Anglo Chemical Company back in 1905. At this time, footwear was a thriving industry in the UK. Our specialist adhesives for footwear helped craftsmen create beautiful shoes and boots. Thanks to traditional processes, they produced some of the world’s finest footwear – and those methods still exist today.

Despite cheaper imports, the footwear industry is now stronger than ever in the UK. This success is boosted by the quality of shoes that our customers produce. While not much has changed in terms of manufacturing processes, the adhesives that we supply for ribbing and sole attaching have evolved considerably.

Supplying specialist adhesives for footwear

Over the years our customers’ production processes have become much faster. We have responded by developing new products for the footwear market. We’ve also reformulated many of our historic adhesives to adapt and react to changes in new materials and more efficient production methods.

In the past, the footwear and leather bonding industry used solvent based adhesive solutions. New regulations in health and safety as well as environmental factors have resulted in change. Many companies have now switched to using our water based adhesives which offer equally strong bonding.

Bringing our expertise to the footwear market

While we offer a core range of products for this market, our main strength is recognizing that every manufacturer has a unique production process. Therefore our adhesives need to perform in different ways. We don’t just offer one product and one solution – we engineer, develop and reformulate to ensure that our adhesive is tailored to every customer’s individual processes.

One step ahead of the competition

We completely understand that what is on trend today may not be tomorrow. So we pride ourselves on our flexibility to offer varying amounts of adhesive that suit our customers’ needs from the bulk large user to the small volume user.

Our proven track record of supplying professional adhesive solutions, expert Technical Support and excellent Customer Service means that we have the know-how and ability to continue to deliver in this growth industry.

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