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Exploring Solvent Based Polyurethane Adhesive

The polyurethane adhesives market is a dynamic landscape characterised by a diversified range of adhesive formulations responding to diverse industrial applications. Solvent based polyurethane adhesives stand out as a popular category, delivering high bonding capability across a wide range of applications.

A solvent based polyurethane adhesive is a formulation that combines polyurethane’s adhesive qualities with the efficiency of solvents in assuring correct application and curing.

Anglo Adhesive has established itself as a key player in the polyurethane adhesives market, providing innovative solutions to address industry-specific needs. Being able to formulate and provide solvent based polyurethane adhesives demonstrates a dedication to adhesive quality. As industries seek dependable bonding solutions, Anglo Adhesive’s offers help to drive efficiency and performance in a variety of applications.

Anglo 3353

Polyurethane adhesives market – Single component bonding and repair adhesive, used extensively in the PVC Bouncy Castle industry. Also used within the Footwear Industry to bond various soling materials. Including leather, plasticised PVC, resin rubber, TPRs to most common upper materials. It is also used to a large extent in the shoe repair market as polyurethane shoe glue for both commercially and DIY.

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Anglo Accelerator A200

Non-flam Isocyanate curing agent for polychloroprene and polyurethane adhesives to increase final bond strength and heat resistance.

Solvent based polyurethane adhesives are versatile and effective adhesive that may be used for a wide range of applications.

Anglo 3353/1

Sprayable version of 3353 above. The polyurethane adhesives market is witnessing an innovative addition that is set to redefine bonding solutions. In a landscape driven by diverse industrial needs, this development brings a new dimension to adhesive applications.

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Anglo 4403

Single component market leading adhesive used mainly in the Footwear Industry. Used to bond a variety of soling materials, including leather, PVC, thermoplastic Rubber and PU materials to most common upper materials. Very good heat resistance but it can be improved further with Accelerator A200.

As the polyurethane adhesives market grows to evolve, solvent based polyurethane adhesive emerges as the best in the Footwear Industry.

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Anglo 4413

A high-quality sprayable solvent based adhesive that can also be brush applied. It is used within the Shoe Industry to bond various footwear components. It can also be used to repair plasticised PVC materials and gives good heat resistance. Anglo Adhesive is a market leader in solvent based polyurethane adhesives. Our products are well-known for their great quality and effectiveness.

Experience the future of bonding and innovation in the polyurethane adhesives market with Anglo Adhesive.

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Tailored Solutions for Every Need: Variable Sizes and Competitive Pricing in the Polyurethane Adhesives Market

NOTE: All products can be supplied in additional container sizes to what is stated and prices are negotiable on reasonable volumes.

Anglo Adhesive solvent based polyurethane adhesive has strengthened its position as the leader of innovation in the polyurethane adhesives market. Its versatility, precise application methods, and contributions to bonding and repair make it a must-have for companies seeking quality in their products and solutions.


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Experience the next level of bonding and innovation in the polyurethane adhesives market. Learn more about the great qualities of the solvent based polyurethane adhesive, expertly crafted by Anglo Adhesive. Whether you’re in the Shoe Industry, seeking top-notch repair solutions, or aiming to enhance heat resistance, our adhesive delivers. Anglo Adhesives’ polyurethane adhesive distinguishes itself as a superior choice, providing unparalleled bonding durability and versatility for a wide range of applications.

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