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Crafting Excellence with Anglo Adhesive: Your Source for Art Craft Products Adhesives

We’ve built up a great reputation for quality art & craft products. For many years, we manufactured and supplied Studio Gum to Fosse Polymer Products Ltd before acquiring the business in 2005. As a private label manufacturer, Fosse Polymers produced Adhesives, Glues, Paints, Inks and Crayons and lots of other art & craft products to Education, Art & Craft, Stationery and Retail markets.

Anglo Adhesive takes pride in offering a diverse range of Art Craft products adhesives that cater to the needs of artists, educators, and creative enthusiasts. Our competence in the field extends to paint manufacturing, where we produce high-quality paints suitable for various artistic applications.

Shaping the Arts & Crafts market

Buying Fosse Polymers meant that we could branch out into a new and rewarding sector. We started to manufacture and sell innovative products. What’s more, we helped to shape the industry by developing new concepts for this market.

We’ve channelled our energy into developing private label products, namely our ArtCraft range. This way, we can meet individual customer requirements to have their own brand as a competitive alternative to the market leaders.

You’ll probably find the next ‘on trend’ product is something that we make. 2017 was all about Slime!

Our commitment to the field of art craft products goes beyond the conventional. As a significant player in the industry, our paint manufacturing capabilities have played a pivotal role in shaping the Arts & Crafts market.

What’s so special about the ArtCraft range?

Unleashing Creativity: The Art Craft Range and Quality Educational Paint Manufacturing

Our ArtCraft range of products has been developed over many years and tailored to meet the needs of the Education, Hobby and Art & Craft markets. Most of our products are the result of hard work by our R & D team: some have been globally sourced at the specific request of our customer base.

When it comes to artistic expression, the right tools make all the difference. At Anglo Adhesive, we take pride in curating the exceptional Art Craft range – a collection that stands as a testament to our commitment to quality and innovation in the field of art craft products.

Our cutting-edge paint manufacturing process combines the perfect blend of precision, creativity, and passion. We source the finest raw materials and employ cutting-edge techniques to create paints that deliver exceptional results on various surfaces.

What they have in common is that they’re all fit for purpose and quality assured.

You can feel confident about our commitment to quality. All procedures follow the protocol set out in our Quality policy, approved to ISO 9001: 2015.


  • Adhesive Foam Pads
  • Glue Pens
  • Glue Sticks
  • PVA Glue
  • Wood Glue
  • Fabric Glue
  • Super Glue
  • Reusable Tack
  • Paste
  • Gum
  • Acrylic Varnish


  • Drawing & Calligraphy Ink
  • Marbling Ink
  • Screen Printing Ink
  • Textile Screen Printing Ink
  • Block Printing Ink
  • Stamp Pads


  • Acrylic Paint
  • Fabric Paint
  • Puffer Paint
  • Glass Paint
  • Glitter Gel
  • Luminous Paint
  • Pearlised Paint
  • Silk Paint
  • Fluorescent Paint


  • Plastic Crayons
  • Fabric Crayons
  • Painting Pastels
  • Outliner Pens
  • Coloured Sand

For guaranteed convenience, all our art craft products are kept in stock in ‘bulk’ quantities. So we can be very flexible about supplying exactly what you need, when you need it.

We fill out each order into different sized containers, usually between 5ml & 5 litres. If you need different sizes or formats, just ask – and if you’re looking for large quantities on a regular basis, we can send stock to your warehouse.

Choice and value

Exploring ArtCraft Products: Providing Creativity with Choice and Value


Take a look at a few of our bestsellers:

PVP Glue Stick

Our Glue Sticks come in 10g, 20g & 40g sizes. These are particularly popular and have been tried and tested by many schools and colleges across the UK.

Approved to EN71, our solid Glue Sticks are multi-purpose, non-toxic, solvent free, and economical to use. The glue washes out, dries relatively quickly yet still gives enough time for the user to reposition it. It’s not always right first time, is it! The Glue Sticks form excellent bonds to paper, card, cardboard, photos, polystyrene and to some types of fabric such as felt.

Colour Changing Glue Stick

We currently supply Colour Changing Glue Sticks in 40g size.

Also approved to EN71, our Colour Changing Glue Sticks are solid, multi-purpose, non-toxic, and solvent free. The glue is purple when you apply it, so you can easily see where you are gluing, and then changes to clear when dry.

It is economical to use, child-friendly (the glue washes out), dries relatively quickly yet still gives enough time for the user to reposition it. Like the original Glue Sticks, this adhesive forms excellent bonds to paper, card, cardboard, photos, polystyrene and to some types of fabric such as felt.

Washable PVA Adhesive

We currently supply our Washable PVA Adhesive in 250ml, 500ml, 180 ml and 5 litre assorted bottle sizes to suit our customers. We also manufacture this product in six different fluorescent colours, luminous glow in the dark and glitter.

Our PVA Adhesives range is also widely sold, especially popular online and in the Craft & Stationery retail markets. Sales of these PVA products have rocketed recently due to the enduring craze of making slime!

Approved to EN71, our PVA Adhesives range is non-toxic, solvent free and economical to use. Ideal for use in nurseries and primary schools, this glue dries clear, washes out very easily from clothes, brushes, work surfaces and from the skin. It dries relatively quickly, and forms excellent bonds to paper, card, cardboard, photos, polystyrene and to some fabrics such as felt.

You can use it as a medium to mix and blend with paints and for glazing.

Anglo Multi-Purpose PVA Glue

We currently supply our Multi-Purpose PVA Adhesive in 5 litre, 1 litre and assorted bottle sizes to suit our customers.

Our PVA Adhesives range is popular in the Craft & Stationery retail markets as well as online.
Approved to EN71, this multi-purpose PVA Glue is non-toxic, solvent free and economical to use.

The glue dries clear with a flexible glue-line, washes out from clothes, brushes, work surfaces and from the skin. It dries quickly and forms a strong bond to wood, paper, card, cardboard, photos, polystyrene and to fabrics like felt.

You can also use it as a medium to mix and blend with paints and for glazing.

Latex Adhesive

You can buy our Rubber Latex Adhesive in 1 litre & 125ml (brush top) bottles. This product is well suited to this market, and has been widely tried and tested in many schools and colleges. Consequently, people are already very familiar with Anglo’s Latex Adhesive.

This is a strong rubber-based, solvent free adhesive. It retains its flexibility once dry and sticks to itself (like a self-seal envelope). The adhesive is touch dry in 15-20 minutes (depending on the ambient temperature).

The final bonds are water resistant and can be put into a washing machine once the adhesive is fully dry – generally 24 hours or so.

Approved to EN7, our Latex Adhesive is multi-purpose and non-toxic. It bonds well to cork, leather, carpet, canvas, upholstery, most plastics, clean metal, paper, card, cardboard, and many other types of textiles and fabrics.

As a result, it’s particularly suitable for Hobby Craft, and many types of DIY repairs.

Anglo Studio Gum

We currently supply Studio Gum in 250 ml tins. It’s a favourite with many schools and colleges.
Our Studio Gum is a strong rubber based, solvent adhesive. It is very clean to use, ideal for studio ‘paste up’ work and is the only available equivalent to the now obsolete COW GUM.

Approved to EN71, our adhesive is also very widely used for photograph mounting and for bonding cork, leather, carpet, canvas, upholstery, most plastics, paper, card, cardboard, as well as textiles and fabrics. This makes it very suitable for Hobby Craft and for DIY uses.

Anglo Reusable White Tack

We currently supply our reusable White Tack in 70 gram wallets, 10 to an outer. It’s found its way into many classrooms around the country!

Our White Tack is a permanently pliable, putty type of reusable adhesive that is very clean and easy to use around the school, college, office and home.

Ideal for fixing posters, maps and photographs to walls, doors and windows, it is non-staining and can be easily removed by applying a piece of tack to the residue on any surface to which it has been applied. Like all our Art Craft products, our reusable White Tack is approved to EN71.

Glitter Glue

We currently supply Glitter Glue in various sizes, colours and sets depending on what our customers need.

Our Glitter Glue is made from glitter particles suspended in a clear water-based adhesive gel. Approved to EN71, it is ideal for 3D outlines and can be applied to many different surfaces and substrates.

Multi-purpose, non-toxic, solvent free and economical to use, our Glitter Glue washes out and dries relatively quickly when applied to paper, card, collages, papier-mâché, cardboard, and to some fabrics such as felt.

Anglo Glitter Glue is ideal for decorating birthday and Christmas cards as well as decoration, posters and other creative projects.

Complete peace of mind about stock and supplies

You can be reassured that there’s no question of running out of supplies. We keep high levels of all sizes in stock so that we can match up your order requirement exactly. We’ll label them according to your needs, using our semi-automatic filling and labelling machines.

In a hurry?

We can arrange for urgent delivery of supplies to you. It’s part of our commitment to first class service for each and every customer.

With Anglo Adhesive as your trusted educational paint manufacturing and supplier for educational art craft products, you’ll be able to provide young students with the tools they need to explore their creativity.

If your needs fluctuate, we’re happy to be flexible.

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