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Effective Wood Bonding Agent for Quality Crafting

We’re proud to supply adhesives specifically into the Woodworking & School Craft market. For more than 20 years, we have manufactured high quality Water Based PVA adhesives for extreme and unique applications, some of which are supplied into very specialist industries. This colourless, odourless adhesive doesn’t yellow over time nor does it give off nasty fumes – it dries clear, making it an excellent choice for Woodworking & School Craft applications. Our Water Based PVA Adhesives and Wood Bonding Agent are meticulously produced to meet the diverse needs of craftsmen, students, and makers.

Crafting in school is an adventure in self-expression and exploration. Enhance your projects with the best craft adhesive specially designed to enhance your school crafting experience. Our best craft adhesive is specially manufactured to produce a safe and reliable bonding, ensuring that your creations last. From paper crafts to DIY projects, our best craft adhesive is a dependable partner.

Anglo Adhesive is happy to offer the finest crafting solutions – our renowned wood bonding agent. As the industry leader, we specialise in providing the best craft adhesive, designed to take your Woodworking & School Craft projects to exceptional levels.

A safe pair of hands

The Reliable Wood Bonding Agent: A Trusted Crafting Partner

We test the PVAs we produce to ensure that they conform to the relevant specific criteria. Acquiring Crispin Adhesives in 2003 boosted our supply, particularly into the Ministry of Defence. Today we produce the same Water Based Adhesives in line with the Defence Standard set out by our customers.

Our range of Water Based Contact Adhesives also complements the Solvent Based systems that we supply into the footwear industry. Traditionally used as a socking adhesive, our latex adhesives remain popular. In addition, our high quality Water Based Contact Adhesives are used for both temporary or permanent bonding of sole inners prior to stitching.

Expanding and Diversifying Wood Bonding Agent

Enhancing Possibilities with Wood Bonding Agent: An Expansion and Diversification Journey

Our acquisition of Fosse Polymers in 2005 put a new dimension on our range of PVA adhesives. We not only diversified into supplying different grades of PVA but also expanded into new markets. This included Arts & Crafts and own label PVAs and Latex adhesives in small and large containers for customers working in the education market sector. All our Craft PVA adhesives are produced to the highest quality and are EN71 approved.

The PVA glues we supply into the Art & Craft, Educational market continue to go from strength to strength. Our Multi-purpose PVA and Washable PVA remain flagship products.

Developing our Clear PVA adhesive has proved to be a real winner in the marketplace. More customers are seeking a versatile adhesive to experiment with for their craft ideas – not to mention the current craze of making slime!

Specialist help and advice

Unparalleled Expertise of Wood Bonding Agent and Best Craft Adhesive: Customised Assistance

We have a strong team of dedicated technical staff with many years of experience in manufacturing and developing PVAs and Water Based Adhesives.

Thanks to our expertise, we are able to offer our customers exceptional technical sales support for these products including our Wood Bonding Agent and Best Craft Adhesive – regardless of quantity and specification.

Whether you’re looking for the best Wood Bonding Agent or a specialised adhesive, we’re here to assist you. For expert advice and help on what might suit your needs best, please call us on + 44 (0)1664 480866.

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