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Solibond 1335/160 (Made To Order)

Sprayable adhesive specifically developed for the effective and rapid bonding of low density thermal and acoustic insulating materials, including expanded polystyrene. It can also be spray or brush applied to bond ABS plastic.

Cleaner PS100 or 920

Anglo 4224/1

A non-flammable solvent based sprayable adhesive used in the Furniture and Mattress manufacturing industry. Used to bond fabrics and flexible foams to themselves or to each other. Will also bond similar materials to painted metal, wood, fibre glass, hessian, felt and upholstery padding.

4224 Thinners

Solibond 4350 (Flam version of 4224/1)

Sprayable adhesive to bond polyurethane foam to itself and other fibrous materials. It also gives temporary bonds when used on polyethylene foams.

Cleaner PS100 or 920

Anglo 4357 (High heat resistant version)

A non-flam, high heat resistant solvent based sprayable adhesive developed for the Foam Conversion, Upholstery and Furniture Industries. Used to bond foam and fabric materials to themselves or to painted metal, wood, fibre glass, hessian felt and upholstery padding.

4224 Thinners

Anglo 4411

A high-quality solvent based contact adhesive used to bond polystyrene to various foams that are used in the Insulation Industry. It has pressure sensitive properties, so can be used in one way wet applications.

Cleaner PS100 or 920

NOTE: All products can be supplied in additional container sizes to what is stated and prices are negotiable on reasonable volumes.

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