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Natural Rubber Latex Suppliers: Sourcing Quality Latex Bonding Solution for Various Applications

When it comes to finding high-quality latex bonding solution, it’s important that you deal with recognised natural rubber latex supplier. Natural rubber latex, a flexible material generated from the sap of rubber plants, is used in a variety of industries due to its outstanding elasticity, durability, and adhesive capabilities. Whether you’re in the manufacturing or fashion sector, finding the right natural rubber latex suppliers can make all the difference.

Latex 61

General purpose water based natural latex adhesive for the Footwear Industry and Allied trades.

This Latex Bonding Solution formulation has been meticulously developed to the diverse bonding challenges faced by manufacturers, ensuring optimal performance across a range of materials commonly used in footwear production

Latex 61/1

Thicker viscosity version of Latex 61.

When you choose Anglo Adhesive as your natural rubber latex suppliers and provider of latex bonding solution, you’re not just accessing products – you’re partnering with a team that’s dedicated to your success. Our Adhesive such as latex bonding solution have been trusted across industries, contributing to the creation of products that define standards and exceed expectations.

NOTE: All products including our Latex Bonding Solution can be supplied in additional container sizes to what is stated and prices are negotiable on reasonable volumes.

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