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Polychloroprene Contact Adhesive - Unleash the Bonding Power

Are you looking for an adhesive product that provides excellent bonding performance over a wide range of materials? Search no more – our meticulously crafted polychloroprene contact adhesive is tailored to perfectly meet your distinct bonding needs.

At Anglo Adhesive, we take pride in our commitment to quality. Our adhesive product are designed to meet the highest standards of performance and durability. The Polychloroprene Contact Adhesive has no exception, backed by years of expertise and a dedication to innovation, we deliver adhesive product you can rely on.

Our Polychloroprene Contact Adhesive is designed to have high bonding strength, making it an excellent choice for a variety of applications. This adhesive product provides dependable and long-lasting connections whether you’re dealing with wood, leather, rubber, or a variety of other materials.

Solibond 949

High-quality, single-component polychloroprene contact adhesive, particularly suitable for bonding plastic laminates (e.g. Formica) and decorative hardboards to various building materials. It is also good for bonding rubber, leather and fabrics.

Our adhesive product provides reliable results and a wide range of applications.

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Anglo 4128

A light coloured, polychloroprene, multipurpose high performance contact adhesive with a long tack life. Used to bond plastic laminates (e.g. Formica), rigid & supported PVC, polyurethane foams, leather, polyester glass fibre and extrusions to each other, wood, painted and unpainted metal. Our multipurpose contact adhesive product is trusted and long-lasting.

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Howstik 441

Extremely versatile shoe trade polychloroprene contact adhesive for general trim work. Can also be used to bond laminates, wood, metal, leather, rubber, GRP, plasterboard and cork etc. NOT suitable for plasticised PVC.

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Anglo 4400

High quality adhesive developed to bond soles in the manufacture of shoes. It can be used on rubber soling materials including resin rubber. It is also suitable for leather soles but it is advisable to use two coats of adhesive.

Trust in the effectiveness and reliability of this adhesive product to enhance the quality and durability of your shoe manufacturing projects.

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Anglo 4412

A high-quality solvent based contact adhesive for use in the Shoe Industry e.g. leather to leather. It has been developed to be tack free when it dries but heat reactivatable up to several days later.

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Anglo Satreat Primer

Replaces mechanical scouring of most rubbers and greatly improves the adhesion of Anglo adhesives. Supplied in two parts that are mixed prior to use. Mainly used in the Footwear Industry.

Anglo Lacsol Primer

To remove emulsifying agents from the surface of soling materials – used in the Footwear Industry.

Anglo EVA-UV primer

Promotes the adhesion of Anglo adhesives to EVA soling materials. It also contains a UV agent to indicate if materials have been treated.

A non-flammable polychloroprene contact adhesive is available upon request.

NOTE: Neoprene (Polychloroprene contact adhesive) adhesives are NOT suitable for expanded polystyrene. All products can be supplied in additional container sizes to what is stated and prices are negotiable on reasonable volumes.

Experience the exceptional capabilities of our adhesive product – Anglo Adhesive’s Polychloroprene Contact Adhesive.

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