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Anglo first entered the sign bonding and POP adhesives market back in the early 1990s. Lucite International (then ICI) approached us to make and sell Tensol for them under licence. At that time, the company was a subsidiary of Evode and known as Evode Speciality Adhesives. This was a pivotal moment for us. The agreement marked the start of our amazing journey selling Tensol (and many other adhesives) directly into the sign and POP industry. With a strong focus on adhesive solutions, Anglo Adhesive has established itself as the market leader in the fields of POP displays and sign bonding adhesives.

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Customised Adhesive Solutions for Sign Bonding and POP Application | Sign Bonding Adhesives

Although Tensol was used extensively to bond Cast Acrylic sheet (Perspex) and PMMA sheet, there were very few adhesive solutions for bonding other sheet materials such as Extruded Acrylic, Polycarbonate, Mirror Acrylic, High Impact Polystyrene, Dibond, ABS, PVC etc. This had to change. Anglo Adhesive is revolutionising the landscape of adhesive solutions, particularly in the sign bonding and POP industries.

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Elevating the Sign and POP Market with Expert Adhesive Solutions

Our experienced sales force and technical team set to work, focusing on exactly what the end user needed from an adhesive. We also investigated and developed rapid bonding solutions to obtain maximum production efficiency. One result was Extru-fix – a rapid setting, single part solvent viscosity adhesive specifically for bonding Extruded Acrylic mainly used in the sign and POP market. Shortly afterwards, we developed our gap-filling version, Anglosol 2000. Anglo Adhesive is proud to be at the forefront of the sign bonding adhesives and adhesive solutions industry.

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Complete Adhesive Solutions: Your Ultimate One-Stop Shop for Sign Bonding Adhesives

Our continual development programme expanded into a launch of a ‘one stop’ range of adhesive solutions along with Anti-Static Cleaners, Polishers and mixing kits, all of which still exist today. Finding the right adhesive is now easier than ever. See our Adhesive Selector Chart to help you select the perfect adhesive for your needs.

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Today, we are stronger than ever in this market both in the UK and overseas. We continue to offer our own branded Anglosol and privately labelled adhesives as well as auxiliary products that complement the full range. You can rely on Anglo Adhesive to provide great adhesive solutions for all of your POP and sign bonding adhesives needs.

The Anglo business was established in 1905 so we’ve been around a long time. Our proven track record of professional adhesive solutions including POP and sign bonding adhesives, expert Technical Support and excellent Customer Service means that we have the know-how and ability to continue to grow and deliver in this ever changing, fast paced industry.

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