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Bonding to Acrylic | Anglo Adhesive Promotes the Effectiveness of Acrylic Instant Glue or Adhesive

Explore the process of achieving flawless bonding to acrylic surfaces with Anglo Adhesive expertise. Our adhesive solutions including acrylic instant glue or adhesives change the way you connect, opening you new possibilities in a variety of industries. Anglo Adhesive is your partner in mastering the art of bonding to acrylic.

Anglo Adhesive has emerged as a true pioneer, particularly in the bonding of acrylic materials. Anglo Acrylic Instant Glue or adhesive’s extraordinary characteristics have transformed the way we create, guaranteeing that acrylic surfaces bond seamlessly and with unrivaled strength. Crafted with finely formulated, our acrylic instant glue or adhesive ensures that bonding to acrylic is practically invisible. Seamlessly blend your acrylic pieces and enhance the aesthetics of your projects.

Anglosol 700

Two-part acrylic that hardens at room temperature. Bonds cast acrylic (Perspex) to other materials e.g. wood. Can be used for internal and external applications e.g. sign making.

Acrylic instant glue stands as a reliable and efficient solution for various bonding needs.

Anglosol 1200

Solvent based adhesive or acrylic instant glue for bonding acrylic plastics that do not need high bond strength. Not to be used outside and can cause crazing on some plastics.


A single part solvent weld adhesive that can be used in bonding to acrylic (Perspex) though crazing may occur. Especially suitable for Extruded acrylic and PETG plastics without stress crazing. Not to be used on external applications.

Anglosol 2000

Non-flam solvent based adhesive / acrylic instant glue to bond acrylic plastics that require some gap filling properties but do not need high bond strength. Cannot be used outside and can cause crazing on some plastics.



Evo-Tech TA 431

Two component toughened acrylic adhesive for structural bonding. Bonds to a variety of different plastic and metallic materials.

Acrylic instant glue shows its versatility when bonding plastic, metal, rubber or wood.

Evo-Tech TE 432

Anglo 3019

HS 20

Anglosol 1200 & Anglosol 2000 Application Kit

Extru-Fix, CF1 & DiChloro-Methane Application Kit

Anti-Static Spray

Cleans and gives an anti-static coating to most plastics for up to a month.

Aqua Guard

Anglo Cleaner T3

Cleaner 13

Heavy Duty GP Cleaner

Auto Clean

Vinyl Application Fluid

Anglo AC5 Polish

IPA Wipes

Microfibre Cloths


Solvent weld adhesive for cast and extruded acrylics but some crazing can occur on cast acrylics. Not for use on external applications.

Anglo TU 1908

Non-flam solvent free two-part clear adhesive for bonding polycarbonates and acrylic plastics to dissimilar materials. Effectively bonds plastics with some flexibility e.g. thermoplastics (ABS, PC).

Anglo EVA-UV primer

Promotes the adhesion of Anglo adhesives to EVA soling materials. It also contains a UV agent to indicate if materials have been treated.

When your projects require quality, take your time on the adhesive that holds them together. Acrylic instant glue or adhesive from Anglo Adhesive blends innovation, strength, and aesthetic competence to ensure your creations stand out with precise bonding to acrylic.

Ready to take your bonding to acrylic experience to the next level? Get Anglo Adhesive’s acrylic instant glue or adhesive Today!

Acrylic instant glue is a versatile adhesive solution with a wide range of applications in a variety of industries. The ability of acrylic instant glue to provide instant strength adds a valuable dimension to construction projects and diverse industrial settings increasing, speed and efficiency.

NOTE: All products including our acrylic instant glue or adhesive can be supplied in additional container sizes to what is stated and prices are negotiable on reasonable volumes please see our adhesive selector chart and cleaning & polishing solutions chart to view the full range.

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