PVC Bonding Agent, Bouncy Castle and Pond Repairs

Precision Inflatable Repairs: Unveiling PVC Bonding Agent


Ever since we first started trading, we’ve supplied our 3353 Polyurethane adhesive for PVC repairs, including rips, tears and holes on inflatable bouncy castles. In those early days, our focus was on supplying local businesses. These included bouncy castle manufacturers and hire companies as well as private individuals. Luckily, our capacity for fun doesn’t change so bouncy castles are still very much in demand. Thanks to our experience in this market, we’ve built a reputation for offering top quality products to repair holes. Today we have expanded our network to supply national and global clients.


Why Choose Specialised Adhesive or Glue to fix inflatables?

Inflatables, particularly those crafted from PVC, require a specific adhesive or PVC bonding agent for effective and lasting repairs. Opting for the right adhesive or glue to fix inflatables and ensure strong bonds that can endure the dynamic demands placed on inflatables.

Utilise the effectiveness of PVC Bonding Agent or specialised adhesive or glue to fix inflatables to ensure your inflatables bring joy for years ahead.

Diversifying into wider repair markets

Our incredibly strong adhesive or PVC Bonding Agent is the ideal solution to repair PVC pond linings, wetsuits, and cycle punctures – in fact, anything inflatable! As a result of our experience with Polyurethane adhesive technology, we’ve developed innovative products for bonding purposes. Both our single and two part bonding systems boast excellent heat resistance.


Say Goodbye to Pond Liner Leaks: PVC Bonding Agent Ability
Pond liners protect the appeal of water features, but leaks can interrupt their tranquillity. A specialised adhesive or PVC Bonding Agent designed for pond liner repairs may effectively seal leaks, allowing you to enjoy your aquatic haven without stress.

Convenient sprayable and brushable solutions

Experience the Versatility of Our PVC Bonding Agent: Sprayable and Brushable Solutions

Our polyurethane sprayable grades are ideal for bonding large areas. If you’re not sure exactly what you need, give us a call on + 44 (0)1664 480866. We’re happy to give you specific advice to suit your needs. We can also recommend the right type of spray equipment to apply our adhesives.

Brushable pvc bonding agent polyurethane adhesives are increasingly popular in the footwear industry. You can use them to bond leather, PVC, thermoplastic rubber and PU soles to the most common upper materials, you can use these adhesive or glue to fix inflatables as well.. In addition to their use in the manufacture of shoes, they’re also popular in the shoe repair market, both commercially, professionally and DIY.

Don’t let repairs slow you down. Use our PVC Bonding Agent and Adhesive or glue to fix inflatables, as well as PVC pond linings, wetsuits, cycle punctures, and more.

Got a question about a specific PVC repair?

If you need some guidance about the PVC Bonding Agent or best adhesive solution for your needs, we can help. Call our experienced team on + 44 (0)1664 480866 or get in touch for tailored advice about what will work best for you.

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