Polystyrene & model making

When you hear the phrase ‘model making glue’, doesn’t it take you straight back to your Airfix kit days? Remember the very small tube of glue that was stringy and impossible to get the cap on after one use!

Thankfully, modern model making glues are now a lot stronger with better consistency.

This generation clearly still enjoys model making. We’re delighted to continue to supply specialist adhesive formulations which are very popular both in the UK and overseas.

Specialists in polystyrene adhesives

Still a core part of our range are Polystyrene adhesives for clear plastic packaging, Howstik 230NF for fixing and applying expanded polystyrene insulation boards, polystyrene adhesives for Art & Craft, Easter Egg and Bauble decorating, papier-mâché….the list goes on!

Although we have a vast range of polystyrene adhesives, we excel at developing products to meet our customers’ requirements. We will create bespoke products designed to bond your materials – no matter what the quantity, no matter what container size.

Flexible solutions when it matters

Our state of the art filling equipment allows us to not only supply our adhesives in bulk but also in small containers – even tubes – without the hefty minimum order runs.

We want to make life easier for you so we tailor our business around the products, containers, labels and quantities you need. How can we do this? Because we have the facility to manufacture small batches of adhesives, it’s only natural for us then to offer all our customers the container and label that they want.

Got a question about a specific material?

If you need some guidance about the best adhesive solution for your needs, we can help. Call our experienced team on + 44 (0)1664 480866 or get in touch for tailored advice about the right glue for you.

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