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Anglo Adhesives Company: A Legacy of Bonding Brilliance in the Adhesive Industry

We’ve been around a long time as adhesives company. Founded in 1905 in Leicester, this was the beginning of a journey that will shape the adhesive industry as we know it today. Anglo Chemical Company Ltd focused initially on manufacturing and supplying adhesives to the footwear industry. With a pioneering spirit and a devotion to quality, the adhesive industry has its beginnings in the historical city of Leicester.

As shoe manufacturing decreased in the UK, Anglo become more active in developing specialist adhesives for diverse industrial markets. Central to this was private label supply. Our reputation grew and our products evolved.

Anglo Adhesives Company: Navigating the Adhesive Industry and Beyond with Expertise

Our business thrived. We became known as specialists in industrial adhesive markets as well as focusing on own brand and private label products. This led us to diversify into new markets. Consequently, we acquired Fosse Polymer Products Ltd, in Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire in 2005.

Fosse are major suppliers of own label Adhesives, Paints, Inks and miscellaneous products to the Education and Art & Craft markets for schools and colleges via specialist education catalogue suppliers.Our journey through the adhesive industry has been established not only by success, but also by a persistent commitment to excellence.

Sticking Together Through Challenges: A Bond in the Adhesive Industry with Anglo Adhesives Company

Today, Anglo Adhesives company continue to manufacture and supply high-quality adhesives to many markets. We are especially proud of the newly developed specialist adhesive products supplied to the revitalised footwear manufacturing industry. Full circle feels good. Anglo Adhesives company is at the forefront of the adhesive industry, leading the way with boundary-pushing innovation and knowledge.

As Charlotte Davey our MD says, we’re proud to be the dynamic, fast moving company that we are with some exceptional employees. Our success lies in our extremely creative and innovative approach coupled with the flexibility to produce high quality bespoke products in varying volumes.

From our roots in the adhesive industry, we have expanded into a variety of markets, tailoring our knowledge and solutions to the specific needs of each sector.

We are in touch with what’s new: it will always be part of our research and development strategy. Explore Innovation with Anglo Adhesives company.

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