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Supplying adhesives for insulation and construction markets

The insulation and construction market is where we excel. Our relationship with the construction industry has existed for more than 50 years. It began with the supply of high quality Polycloroprene adhesives to blue chip companies in this sector for tunnel linings. Our association with the construction industry and working on many well-known projects has also helped us expand. So manufacturing adhesives for the insulation market was the natural next step.

We supplied the insulation market initially with our traditional Howstik 230NF expanded polystyrene adhesive. Extending this with our High-Tack All-Fix aerosol adhesives, Welding Agents, and single part high heat sprayable SBR adhesives for fabrication applications made us a market leading adhesive supplier in this sector.

Source specialist adhesives for insulation

Acquiring Crispin Adhesives in 2003 increased the range of products we were able to offer both markets. This included the long standing formula of Howstik 230NF – a high quality rubber/resin solvent-based adhesive based on the original Howlett’s formula. It is still used today in the insulation market to bond and secure polystyrene insulation boards.

This led to greater opportunities to supply our All-Fix Aerosol Adhesive – this high-tack spray adhesive bonds many different types of fibrous insulation materials such as Ductslab, Glass Fibre and Rock Fibre. We also offer a range of high heat resistant sprayable adhesives and spray equipment to bond and fabricate many thermal and acoustic insulating materials.

Innovative adhesives for welding and bonding

Our market leading Rapid Weld adhesive is a fast evaporating Welding Agent for welding and bonding PIB sheets. The overlap bonding method fuses the materials together, producing an ultra-strong sealed finish.

Dedicated to finding the right solution

Often an ‘off the shelf’ product does not always give our customers the right bonding solution. This is especially true when attempting to bond new and difficult substrates – it’s here that our willingness to look at each individual, and often unique, application and develop a suitable product regardless of quantity really comes into its own.

Developing bespoke adhesives for diverse applications

We’re always looking ahead. Expanding our product range in both of these markets is already under way. Thanks to close collaborations with our customers, we are committed to giving you what you need to get the job done.

What’s more, our approach is unique. We will develop and bring to market specialist adhesives fit for purpose – irrespective of quantity.


sig assured

You can be confident that our products are fully traceable and conform to compliance, legislation and provenance standards, giving you peace of mind.

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