Training and Development

November 15, 2019

As a company, Anglo take seriously the importance of training and development for our team. We take as many opportunities as we can to give our team as much support to grow, learn new things and refresh and update on the things we do regularly as a business.


In light of this, the Anglo team have recently attended a number of training courses covering a variety of topics. Some of our warehouse staff took part in a production based course talking about the importance of process, time management and workflow, while the office team attended courses on Cyber Security and how to keep our business safe from digital threats. The most exciting courses we went to were on the topic of Instagram and other social media platforms for our business and how we can use them effectively to reach out to the industries we service.


All of these subject matters are a part of the day to day running of our business so it is paramount that we keep these topics at the forefront of our minds ensuring that our processes are as efficient as possible as well as being current and in line with legislation at all times.


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