Responsible Manufacturing Practices Used by Glue Manufacturers UK

July 07, 2023



As of 2021, there were 5.25 million micro and macro plastic pieces in our oceans. Also, 1 million seabirds and 100,000 marine animals die from plastics every year. So this is a problem that we need to solve. Many companies know about this and are working on finding environmentally sustainable solutions. Glue manufacturers UK are also joining in on this call.

In doing so, we can both supply the adhesives that companies want and keep our world liveable. Adhesive manufacturers are doing their best to come up with solutions. Read on to learn more.

What Glue Manufacturers in UK Need

In the past, your average adhesive supplier made glues with natural materials. Example materials included natural carbohydrates from plants. Many paper manufacturers still use such adhesives today as they work well with porous surfaces.

However, these natural adhesives are not as effective as synthetic adhesives. These glues are much easier for adhesive and acrylic adhesive manufacturers to customise for various applications. They also perform at a greater consistency than natural glues.

But using synthetic adhesives can be more costly to design and produce, so is there an alternative? What adhesives manufacturers need is an adhesive that’s both natural and effective. The creation of such materials will require some serious innovation.

Recyclable Glues

One of the solutions proposed by adhesive manufacturer experts is a recyclable glue adhesive. With hot melt adhesives, manufacturers can recycle unused quantities back into similar products. It’s also possible to remove used glue from surfaces and reuse it.

However, this method isn’t practical just yet. Companies looking to use this method have to invest a lot in new machinery. It’s also difficult for workers to clean this equipment.

Biodegradable and Compostable Glues

Other glue manufacturers in UK experts have suggested trying to create biodegradable adhesives. These are adhesives that bacteria and other living organisms can break down. From these processes, the organisms produce natural materials.

Beyond natural glues, biodegradable glues do not yet exist. Innovators will need to overcome the hurdles of creating biodegradable glue that is still highly effective.

Much of the same issue is present with compostable glues. These are glues that break down in a controlled composting process. In doing so, they enrich the soil.

What We’re Doing 

As we’ve mentioned previously, we at Anglo Adhesives are working hard to develop an eco-friendly glue of our own. Our chemists and customers are working together closely. This way, we can meet their needs and enhance production processes and efficiencies.

We believe that the solution lies in PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) adhesives. These PET materials are recyclable, but PET’s can turn white instead of producing a clear bond. However, not all adhesives have to bond clear

We Meet Adhesive Needs 

There’s still a long way to go for glue manufacturers UK as far as sustainable adhesives are concerned. However, if everyone pitches in, the future of adhesives looks bright.

For all your adhesive supplier needs, you can turn to us at Anglo Adhesives. No job is too big, small, hard, or complex for us. Whatever your company needs, we have the flexibility to meet them.

For a more detailed discussion with us on this matter please feel free to contact us on 01664 480866 or . You can also use the handy form on this page as well. 

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