The Importance of Signage in the COVID-19 Pandemic

October 07, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic is something that has challenged many businesses in a way that they have never been challenged before. Standard health and safety procedures are no longer sufficient to ensure the wellbeing of staff and customers alike. Due to the many changes in guidelines throughout 2020, the importance of signage in the COVID-19 pandemic is something that businesses just can’t afford to ignore.


At a time of great confusion for the world as a whole, clarity in your message is of paramount importance. While the guidance issued from the government is ever changing and even differs from town to town, the way that you approach interaction with your staff and customers will play a significant part in instilling confidence in how safe people are in the care of your business.


So, what kinds of signage are helpful?


Well realistically this depends on the type of business and who your business deals with.


For a retail environment, there are several things to consider. You will need to be clear about your policies for inside your property. Information relating to face coverings, social distancing, sanitising, limits on customer numbers, one-way systems and staff safety should be available for people to see. Imagine arriving at your place of business for the first time, would you know what is expected of you before you walk through the door? If the answer is no, your signage probably isn’t doing the job. You also need to check if your business is legally required to display a Track and Trace QR Code for customers to scan, if you are make sure they are available in easy to access positions without glare from lighting.


What about a business that does not have visiting customers? Well you’re probably no stranger to putting the safety of your staff first as it is. Letting your team know about any COVID-19 procedures could be as easy as an email for some businesses, for others, they are looking at a more significant change. Signage in a workplace is no longer just for Fire Escapes and Emergency Exits. You now need to be clear in your messages for socially distanced workspaces, temperature checks, face coverings and handwashing. Making these things easy to see and understand is great for ensuring your staff are comfortable with being at work.


New Signage Requirements and Anglo Adhesives

Anglo Adhesives have been supplying speciality adhesives to many businesses in the Signage Industry since the early 1990’s. Our range of adhesives are used by sign makers both in the UK and Worldwide.


Throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic we are incredibly proud to say that our team have worked hard to ensure that signage companies have had all of the adhesives they need to enable them to produce and fit regulation signage, visors and protective screens for businesses around the world and we will continue to do so throughout future changes.


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