5 Signs You Need to Consider Contract Packaging Companies

June 17, 2024

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Your business is thriving. Products are flying off the shelves, and you’re struggling to keep up with demand. Hence, this is a fantastic problem to have, but it also presents a new challenge: ensuring your products are packaged efficiently and effectively. While you may have been handling packaging in-house initially, there comes a point where considering contract packaging companies becomes a wise decision. Additrionally, these are service providers who take the reins of preparing your products for sale. They handle the filling of containers, sealing them securely, applying informative labels, and even assembling multi-part products. Moreover, their expertise goes beyond materials, encompassing packaging design that reflects your brand and adheres to regulations. Here are five signs that signal it’s time to explore outsourcing your packaging needs.

Sign #1: Demand Outpaces In-House Capacity

Imagine this scenario: your production line is a well-oiled machine, churning out your fantastic product. But as you celebrate this success, a dark cloud appears on the horizon. The finished products pile up, waiting impatiently for their final touches—the packaging. In addition, the bottleneck has arrived, and your in-house packaging team simply can’t keep pace with the booming production. This is a classic sign that your in-house packaging capabilities can’t keep up with production. Contract packaging companies specialise in handling high-volume production runs. Also, they possess the equipment, staffing, and expertise to efficiently package your products, freeing you to focus on core business activities.

Sign #2: You Need Contract Packaging Companies If You Have Limited Packaging Expertise

Effective packaging goes beyond slapping a label on a box. It requires knowledge of materials, regulations, and design principles. However, if your team lacks the expertise to create high-quality, functional packaging, it can impact your brand image and product safety. This is where the importance of packaging expertise comes in. Furthermore, effective packaging goes far beyond just slapping a label on a box. Contract packaging companies employ experienced professionals who can design packaging that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also protects your product during transport and storage.

Sign #3: Yearning for Innovation with Contract Packaging Companies

The world of packaging is constantly evolving. Hence, new materials, printing techniques, and sustainable options emerge all the time. However, staying ahead of the curve can be difficult, especially for smaller companies with limited resources. Therefore, by partnering with a contract packaging company, you gain access to a constant stream of innovative packaging solutions. Also, these innovative solutions can give your brand a competitive edge by:

  • Enhancing product functionality with new materials that improve protection, preservation, or the user experience.
  • Creating a unique brand experience through interactive packaging or eye-catching printing techniques.
  • Demonstrating your commitment to sustainability by utilising eco-friendly materials or production processes.

Partnering with a forward-thinking contract packaging company allows you to leverage their knowledge and therefore, access cutting-edge packaging solutions that can give your brand a competitive edge.

Sign #4: Cost Concerns Are Mounting

In-house packaging can be expensive. You need to invest in equipment, materials, and personnel. Additionally, fluctuating production demands can make it difficult to optimise your resources. Thus, contract packaging companies offer a cost-effective solution that can help you escape the packaging squeeze. Here’s how:

  • Economies of Scale: They leverage their high-volume purchasing power to negotiate significantly lower prices on packaging materials. This translates to cost savings for you, regardless of your company size.
  • Pay-Per-Use Model: You only pay for the services you need. This eliminates the burden of maintaining underutilised equipment and staff during slower production periods. With contract packaging, your costs scale directly with your production volume, leading to greater efficiency and predictability.
  • Reduced overhead costs: You free up valuable space in your facility and eliminate the need for ongoing equipment maintenance and waste management. This translates to additional cost savings that can be reinvested in other areas of your business.

Sign #5: Sustainability Goals Remain Elusive

Environmental consciousness is driving consumer preferences away from packaging with a high ecological footprint. If your current packaging practices don’t align with your sustainability goals, it’s time for a change. Many contract packaging companies specialise in sustainable solutions. They can advise you on eco-friendly materials, such as recycled content or biodegradable options, helping you minimise your environmental footprint and resonate with eco-conscious consumers.

Considering contract packaging companies like Anglo Adhesives doesn’t mean giving up control. Reputable companies, like Anglo Adhesives, work collaboratively with our clients. We take the time to understand your brand, product needs, and target market. This allows us to develop customised packaging solutions that meet your specific requirements. Ultimately, outsource your packaging needs to a skilled and experienced contract packaging company. Anglo Adhesives can free up your resources, improve efficiency, and propel your brand forward.

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