How Do I Repair My Bouncy Castle? — Repair Glue

May 01, 2019

Anglo 3353 - PVC Adhesive, how to fix a hole in a jumping castle

I know, it’s the question we have all been asking ourselves, but how do I repair my bouncy castle? If you’re in the business of fun, it’s a question you’ll probably need an answer to over the coming summer months. How to patch a bounce house and inflatable slide repair to ensure your inflatable remains safe and enjoyable for all.


The good news is Anglo Adhesives has the solution! Anglo 3353 – repair glue!


Ever since we first started trading, we’ve manufactured and supplied our 3353 Polyurethane adhesive repair glue for PVC repairs, including rips, tears, inflatable slide repairs, and holes on inflatable bouncy castles.



PVC Adhesive for bouncy castle repairs, how to fix a hole in a jumping castleIn those early days, our focus was on supplying local businesses.


These included bouncy castle manufacturers and hire companies as well as private individuals.


A repair glue for fixing bouncy castles? Sound like a specialised product that you don’t need?


Well Anglo 3353 is the best repair glue that can be used for inflatable slide repair and repairs on more than just bouncy castles.


Anglo 3353 is an incredibly strong adhesive and is the ideal solution for repairing PVC pond linings, wetsuits, cycle punctures – in fact, anything inflatable!


So if you’re a keen gardener, surfer or cycler, 3353 is the product for you.

Anglo 3353 for PVC repairs to pond lining, wet suit and tyres

Still think you don’t have a use for this product?


Anglo 3353 for leather bondingYou wear shoes, right?


Then this IS the product for you.


Anglo 3353 is increasingly popular with the footwear industry. I know, you don’t make your own shoes, but shoe repairs are a costly business and a specialist trade of our customers.


You can use our polyurethane adhesive repair glue to bond leather, PVC, thermoplastic rubber and PU soles to the most common upper materials.



Like all of our adhesives, Anglo 3353 is made in house at our Melton Mowbray headquarters. Get your repair glue now!


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