Contract Packaging and Filing

February 26, 2020

What is Contract Packaging?


Contract packaging, often referred to as co-packing, is a business arrangement where a company outsources the packaging of its products to a specialized third-party provider. This service encompasses various aspects of packaging, including filling, labeling, assembling, and often includes the sourcing of packaging materials. Contract packaging services are critical to increasing productivity and boosting corporate growth.


In light of the fact that the Packaging Innovations show is running at the NEC in Birmingham this week, we felt it was only fitting to talk about our reputable Contract Packaging and Filling service.



Comprehensive Contract Packaging Services


Anglo Adhesives have offered Contract Packaging and Filling pretty much since day one. We work with many businesses who do not have (or prefer not to use their own) time, people, or equipment needed to get their product filled into ‘retail-ready’ packaging.


We don’t just pack adhesives either. We offer a quick turnaround and flexible approach to the filling and packaging of many products across a range of market sectors, including Contract Packaging.


Due to the nature of our business, we are able to meet even the most demanding of customer requirements. In contrast to a lot of major chemical, adhesive, or paint manufacturers who often demand large production runs, we can fill any container with any product, regardless of the quantity – ideal for those smaller production runs!


As part of this contract packaging services, we are able to source appropriate containers and labels to best showcase your product. Thanks to our long-standing relationships with our packaging suppliers, we may even be able to source your containers at a lower price than would be available to you directly. Whether you are looking for bags, bottles, or boxes, we can provide the complete packaging solution for you, including Contract Packaging.


We are also able to repack items too! If you have materials such as powders or other non-liquids, we can repack them for you. We are especially good when it comes to unusual and non-standard sizes or volumes. We will work closely with you, tailoring our processes to best fit with your business requirements, including Contract Packaging.


As with all of our services, confidentiality is key. We understand the importance of keeping your business information safe. We never disclose any information regarding your business or products to anyone without prior authorization from you. You can trust us – we’ve been doing this for years, including Contract Packaging! Contract packaging services remain a strategic choice for companies seeking to optimise operations and achieve sustainable success in today’s competitive marketplace.



What is Contract Packaging Procurement?


Contract packaging procurement involves the process of selecting and acquiring the services of contract packaging companies. It encompasses tasks such as evaluating potential co-packing partners, negotiating contracts, and ensuring that the chosen provider can meet the specific packaging needs of the client’s products.



What are the Benefits of Contract Packing?


Contract packing offers several advantages for businesses. It allows companies to focus on their core competencies while relying on experts for efficient and cost-effective packaging solutions. Other benefits include reduced operational costs, access to specialized packaging expertise, scalability for varying production demands, and often improved supply chain efficiency. Contract packaging services enable companies to bring their products to market faster by accelerating the packaging process.



What is the Meaning of Copacking?


Copacking, short for “contract packaging” is the practice of outsourcing the packaging of products to a third-party provider. It involves a collaborative effort where a specialized packaging company assists in the final stages of product preparation, ensuring it is ready for distribution and retail.



What is the Relationship Between Contract Packaging and Competitive Procurement?


Contract packaging plays a crucial role in competitive procurement strategies. By outsourcing packaging needs to specialized providers, businesses can enhance their competitiveness by reducing production costs, improving product quality, and gaining access to state-of-the-art packaging technologies. This strategic approach allows companies to stay agile and responsive in a competitive market environment while maintaining high-quality packaging standards.




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