Anglo Adhesives Turns Twenty!

October 04, 2019

This week marks the Twentieth anniversary of the reformation of the Anglo name.


Those of you who know us and have studied our website will know that we have actually been in business a lot longer than Twenty years, so here is a brief overview of where we started and an explanation as to why we are celebrating now.


Anglo Chemical Company (Leicester) Ltd was founded in 1905. Initially the business focused on manufacturing and supplying adhesives to the footwear industry. As shoe manufacturing in the UK decreased, Anglo diversified into developing specialist adhesives for a variety of industries and Twenty years ago in 1999, we came away from our ties with Evo-Stik and took our business back to its roots by reforming and renaming it back to Anglo Adhesives & Services Ltd.


Since then the business has continued to go from strength to strength. Acquiring Crispin Adhesives in 2003 expanded our manufacturing facility and in 2005, Anglo Adhesives acquired Fosse Polymer Products, a major supplier of adhesives, paints, inks and other exciting creative products to the education and art & craft worlds.


And the best part? We still sell glue to make shoes, just like we were 114 years ago!


Happy Anniversary Anglo! Let’s ‘stick’ to what we know and crack on with the next Twenty years!


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