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October 05, 2022

pmma acrylic cement glues

Why should you use our PMMA acrylic adhesives?

PMMA stands for Poly(methyl methacrylate) but is also known as acrylic, or acrylic glass. PMMA is a versatile thermoplastic material that has many uses within many industries. Acrylic cement glues are commonly employed for bonding PMMA due to their effectiveness in creating strong and durable connections.

At Anglo Adhesives, we are manufacturers of PMMA acrylic cement glues, and supply a large range of adhesives, cleaners, thinners and polishes to compliment our core acrylic adhesive range. From mirror acrylic to cast acrylic, our excellent range of PMMA acrylic cement glues is tailored to meet all sheet bonding requirements.

What are PMMA acrylic adhesives often used for?

Sign bonding within the Sign Making industry

Signs often need to be weather-proof so they’re not affected by extreme weather conditions such as sun, snow and high winds. The use of strong PMMA acrylic cement glues can ensure that signs are strong and secure.

Point of Purchase (POP) industry

From displays to branded boxes, PMMA acrylic is often used within the retail industry, and also requires a strong adhesive to hold all elements together safely which compliments some of the most creative design work.


PMMA acrylic adhesives in the Sign Making and POP industry | Acrylic Cement Glues

The Sign Making and POP industries require effective PMMA acrylic adhesives, and we have been supplying them since the early 1990s. All of our acrylic cement glues are manufactured in-house, resulting in competitive pricing. Our core industry-leading products include: 

  • Anglosol 12 – A single-part adhesive used for joining and bonding PMMA acrylic. Mainly used for indoor applications. 
  • Anglosol 70 A two-part cement that bonds cast acrylic with various materials, making it perfect for Sign Making. This adhesive hardens at room temperature and can be used in and outdoors.
  • Anglosol 2000 A non-flammable cement that can be used to bond extruded acrylic, producing high-strength bonds where gap fill is required
  • Extru-Fix is ​​a water-thin versatile adhesive for use on extruded acrylic producing high-strength bonds within seconds

To complement the range, we have also formulated application kits, cleaners, thinners and polishes to provide the ultimate cleaning and polishing solution. The range includes:

  • Anti-Static Spray provides a coating that makes most acrylics anti-static for up to one month
  • Cleaner 13 offers a rapid cleaning solution to remove fingerprints and marks from acrylic and is also available as a wipe
  • Anglo Cleaner T3 is a perfect cleaner and primer that can enhance bond strength when used before acrylic application
  • Heavy Duty GP Cleaner degreases and cleans, without leaving smears
  • Anglo AC5 Polish removes minor scratches and polishes acrylic.

To see our full range and determine the perfect adhesive for your needs, take a look at our adhesive selector chart and cleaning & polishing solutions chart. If you have any queries, support is available from our knowledgeable Technical Team, who are happy to talk you through the right options for you.


FAQ’s on Acrylic Cement Glues

What is acrylic cement made from?

PMMA acrylic cement glues are transparent bonding agents made up of a unique liquid acrylic resin. Each component is different depending on the type of cement.

Is acrylic cement permanent?

Unlike most glues, PMMA acrylic cement glues chemically weld the acrylic together, bonding them permanently. Historically, this family of adhesives were referred to as cement due to their welding fusing action of two acrylic pieces.

How do you remove acrylic cement glue?

At Anglo Adhesives, we have a range of cleaning solutions that can remove marks, residue and fingerprints from acrylic.


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