Marketing strategy and brand refresh helps Anglo Adhesives keep one step ahead of the field

Who is Anglo Adhesives?

We are a manufacturer of solvents used both in the UK and worldwide. From industrial glue to hobby glue for arts and crafts, Anglo Adhesives is the preferred supplier for businesses around the world.

When we first started operating in Leicester in 1905, we provided solvents for shoemakers. Today, our range is much broader – although we still supply to the footwear industry!

What’s more, we don’t just supply to the public. We also operate as a manufacturer for private labels.

We’re a forward-thinking and fast-paced company. We invest heavily in research and development to make sure we’re always ahead of the game.

Reaching out to Ketchup

We’ve been around for a long time, but as the times change, so do we. Most recently, we felt it was time to update our look as part of a company rebrand to keep our image fresh and modern.

We were looking for an agency who could help us optimise our web design to make it as easy as possible for our site visitors to navigate. We wanted a professional and accessible website with intuitive signposting – something that’s vital for a company that supplies to such a wide range of industry sectors.

We chose Ketchup for the job.

Refreshing our image

A clever marketing strategy

Ketchup was happy to lead the charge by developing a new marketing strategy which included a full online brand refresh. This meant a new website, fresh copy, and better security sitewide.

This was in line with our brief for better web design and easier user experience. At the same time, Ketchup was fulfilling our goal of creating a strong new brand to attract both returning and first-time customers through modern graphic design.

Web design structure

We wanted a website that could be used intuitively by our customers. This meant we needed a website structure that was self-explanatory. Ketchup achieved this by creating clear signposts within our site.

Now our markets, products, services, and support options each have their own tab in the heading, with drop-down menus leading to further pages within these categories. We feel our customers will now find it much easier to get to the page they’re looking for in super quick time.

Web design aesthetics

We love our signature look – striking red. Ketchup worked with this when designing our new webpages. Our signature red flows through our branding along with new site imagery that’s cleaner and more modern. It’s got the professional feel we wanted to project to our customers.

Brand new copy

The audience for Anglo Adhesives is vast. We provide bespoke products to private labels as well as stock to furniture manufacturers, bouncy castle makers, construction companies, and the Ministry of Defence! And that’s not even the full list of markets we serve.

With such an array of consumers, we needed our website copy to be accessible to everyone. That meant laymen’s terms and clear, simple wording. This was particularly important when it came to our product descriptions.

Ketchup delivered with straightforward and concise copy that artfully explained each of our products in words any audience could understand.

Our new site

Our new website is now up and running. We’ve been really pleased with the new look and feel, which was designed with our customer in mind. We wanted to make sure it was easy to search our site and find the product you are looking for. We hope you agree with us that the new site does just that.

Working with Ketchup

All in all, we had a great experience working with Ketchup and recommend their services to other businesses looking to stay up-to-date with their consumer. If you’d like to find out more, you can call them on 01476 852990 or email